Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In lieu of the non-stop rain here in LA, I have listed a handful of things that I am currently loving-- all water related! I have highlighted the words that relate to water for your reading ease. Enjoy =D

Joe Purdy and his song: I love the rain

Click the album cover to go directly to itunes to preview the song!

Sea of Shoes. This blog is written by a shoe obsessed girl in high school who posts photos of her INCREDIBLE outfits and details about her life. She is so popular and has such a great eye for fashion Urban Outfitters asked her to create her own line of shoes through them!

Wavy hair is so California chic.. ladies with the naturally flowing locks- consider yourselves lucky!

okay, okay so in addition to envying her beachy waves we envy...well, everthing else.

My fish, Shellie! (no pics currently but this sapphire blue beta is a distant ancestor)


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