Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 things we're happy about in 2010

In celebration of ringing in the New Year we’ve chosen ten things that ITSOLA is most excited about! We hope you’re just as pumped about them as we are… and don’t forget to check out our spring collection when it arrives- we might even have some of the 2010 trends incorporated into our line (hint, hint)!

1. The use of bold prints to brighten up your 2010 year

2. Vintage details (bring in the old and ring in the new), with a modern twist to spice up any outfit

3. Pairing colorful pieces with big accessories- to make a jaw dropping statement, of course

ITSOLA loves this cute floral statement piece necklace. Perfect with a silk top- printed, striped, or solid!

Found from

4. Living casually in comfort. Who says you can’t be comfortable, casual, AND cute? Here at ITSOLA we love to give you guys comfortable, cute pieces to mix into your closet.

5. Pairing feminine pieces with masculine touches... there’s a reason boyfriend blazers and dresses are a great combination

ITSOLA loves this look from

6. Dare to be bold, feel free to mix patterns and prints. We love the idea of a floral dress with a striped cardigan or try a striped shirt with a patterned scarf!

7. DIY projects. Channel your inner creativity by making something on your own! Check out for new and fresh DIY ideas.

8. Monogrammed items are all the rage. Who doesn’t love their initial stamped on something cute to wear around?

We love these necklaces with your initials from

9. Going green and staying that way! It’s easy for everyone to be involved. Here are a few easy ways: bringing totes to the grocery store, carrying a reusable water bottle, or packing your lunch in Tupperware instead of using Ziploc bags. And you might as well look cute while doing it!

These reusable bags are so chic from



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