Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shuffle While You Swim

Attention readers:

The most brilliant invention ever has just arrived (well, at least for me) . So while swimming laps as a form of exercise I become terribly bored, so quickly in fact, it nearly defeats the purpose of me even swimming in the first place.

Thankfully my lane buddy introduced me to a solution: A WATERPROOF IPOD CASE! I cannot tell you how many more miles I would have under my belt had I known about this sooner. Made to fit an ipod shuffle, the

waterproof ear buds project your choice of tunes while you swim lap upon lap. After the iPod is placed in the case, it just clips onto your goggle straps! Best of all- it’s under $100.

Mine is currently en route to my front door, but I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out. Let me ask, do you any of you have this incredible contraption? If so, what are your opinions. The testimonials for this product were non-existent, and having Michael Phelps pose with it for a picture isn't the most convincing.



  1. genius!! i want one now!

  2. wow, that's pretty amazing! i want one too!

  3. That would be perfect for the out of shape all I need is the shuffle and the case, I got the out of shape part. What would be cheaper new pants or this shuffle/case combo in order to fit into all my pants.