Friday, November 5, 2010

Cool Shoes!

I am addicted to shoes - especially high heels. I will see a pair, fall in love, and then convince myself that I will wear them all the time in order to justify my purchase. The problem is that I hardly ever wear heels! So I buy a new pair and only end up wearing them a few times... While looking at shoes online, I came across this pair of Chewing Gum Heels by Kobi Levi in a "Statement Shoes" gallery on While I would never wear heels that look like I just stepped in gum, these heels are really fun. I also found some other fun/unique/amazing creations, here they are:

Briton Antonio Berardi's Heels Without Heels

Angel bootie, Alexander McQueen, +44 20 7017 8271

Lipstick heel, Alberto Guardiani

Palais mohawk pumps in purple suede, Yves Saint Laurent, 800.399.0929

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